Sunday, March 18, 2012

Ditching the Disposables

So during the aforementioned terrible period I was doing some research and I found some pretty scary information on the things that we use during our monthly cycle and how they can have some side effects.  So after a lot of research I decided to try reusable pads and a diva cup.

Apparently the cloth pads are supposed to get rid of the terrible smell that disposables have since they are more absorbent and allow the pad to breathe.  They also cut down on the amount of waste that goes into our environment.   There are some women who claim that they have a shorter period  with less cramps while using them and while I don't understand how that could be the case, I am willing to try it for that alone.  They also will save you money in the long run though they are a more expensive then disposables when you just start out.  However they last for a few years so that isn't much of an issue except for when you are first starting out.

You have to wash them and that can be an eww factor for some.  Its not for me because I have such a heavy flow that I already have to wash things on a regular basis.

The Diva Cup is what I am most excited about.  Tampons scare me even though I do use them.  Toxic Shock Syndrome is a lot more common then most people think and even by following the change rule you can get it. The Diva Cup is supposed to be able to handle heavy flows and can be worn up to 12 hrs safely.  There is also less risk of leaks and NO risk of TSS.  Which is excellent for me.

I bought a Deluxe Heavy Flow Kit from Luna Pads and a Diva Cup from them.  I haven't received it yet since they are from Canada and its only been a few days.  I also got a few sample from Party in My Pants.  All I had to pay for is shipping.

I am hoping that these work for me since I spent a fair amount of money on this investment.  I really like the idea of them and I adore the cute prints of fabric.  If they do work for me I am going to buy more from a few different sellers.  I really like the looks of Moon Loon pads, and Sckoon pads.   There are tons of other cloth menstrual pad brands.

I hope to gain from this experiment better health and a healthier idea of the womanly cycle.  Its something natural and completely normal so I shouldn't be afraid to mention it to my own parents or close friends.  It shouldn't feel like something taboo.  

Once I get my products I will discuss my first thoughts on it.

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